St Charles Preparatory

Over 100 students from St. Charles Preparatory in Columbus, Ohio, have traveled with International Samaritan thanks to Mike Warner, Theology Department Chair. Mike, who is an advocate of the program, recently gained a deeper awareness of the positive outcomes for the students and decided they deserved to be documented.

By creating a simple post-trip survey, Mike has captured some of the immediate changes that the students have from volunteering.

A majority (59%) of the responses indicated that the experience was impacting their choice of major or profession. Some specifics include:

  • 3% of students surveyed were interested in teaching U.S. history and desired to “expand that study of history in the hopes of better understanding the causes of poverty, hardship and violence around the world.”
  • 7% of students reflected on the need for medical care as spurring their interest in the medical field and deepening their compassion as they enter that profession
  • 10% of students studying engineering expressed a commitment to pursue Engineers without Borders

At a high-level, the students report that the experience gave them a broader awareness of poverty and the complexity of its causes. They developed a stronger commitment to service in light of awareness of poverty. They also felt that they had potentially changed their lives because the experience was making them think more about their college major or future profession.
What are you waiting for?
If you know a high school or college student that would be interested in a service learning experience, contact Andrew Pawuk, International Program Director, at 734-222-0701.