Volunteer with kids
Immersion service experiences bring the Gospel to life for International Samaritan volunteers and challenge participants to examine poverty in a deeper manner. They question the reality of the poor such as, how are children surviving in such horrible conditions? What futures do these children have? Why are there so few jobs? Volunteers begin to see and question the injustices in the lives of the poor, but are also challenged by asking themselves what they can do to help.
Many volunteers begin by raising awareness about poverty when sharing their stories with family, friends, and classmates. Some work towards raising awareness about issues of international poverty, immigration, hunger, and environmental waste. Some volunteers dedicate their lives to religious life or even take one or two years after graduation to serve with long-term social service and volunteer programs domestically and internationally. Others return home after their trip, inspired to help International Samaritan’s daily mission by raising money.
Some outstanding examples are, Olivia Sharkey, an alumni of St. Vincent College (pictured below on the left), raises money for food for the Francisco Coll School; students from St. Charles Preparatory raise money to help a Nicaraguan student to attend college in Managua; students from Trinity High School sell artisan goods to help students with their educational activities in Guatemala City; Jesuit High Sacramento and Regis Jesuit High make extra efforts to do mission appeals to benefit our programs; and Bobby Karle, S.J. raises money among his yoga class to purchase books for the Francisco Coll School.
THANK YOU to all of the volunteers, institutions, and partners who go above and beyond the call of serving and give to help the needs of the children. To get more information about immersion service experiences, please contact Andrew Pawuk, International Program Director, at (734) 222-0701.