Nothing rings in the New Year better than a Top 10 list, right? Here is the International Samaritan Top 10 list for ways to support our mission in 2014.
10. Visit our website and sign up to make a recurring donation. Even the smallest contributions help.
9. Call the office and ask about our planned giving program. We can help arrange free giving advice.
8. Recruit your school to sign up for a service learning immersion trip.
7. Host a bake sale or other small fundraising event with proceeds going towards our mission.
6. Volunteer your time in our office. We always have special projects that could use a few extra hands.
5. Organize an alumni reunion trip to reignite your passion to serve.
4. Email us your service testimony and pictures so that we have fresh material for recruitment presentations.
3. Follow our blog and our Facebook page to keep current on our activities.
2. Tell a friend about our mission. The more people who know, the more we can achieve as a group.
1. Pray. Knowing that there is power in numbers, we ask that you keep our mission in your prayers. And don’t be shy about asking others to join you.