In our summer newsletter, we were pleased to report two young men with International Samaritan ties had decided to join the Jesuits as Seminarians. We now have a third! Matthew Wooters, a past volunteer, has made the same decision and we commend him. Please join us in praying for his continued service to the world’s poorest communities.

Matthew’s tie to International Samaritan is as a chaperone on a trip with students from the University of Detroit Jesuit High School the summer before he joined the Jesuits. He says that in many ways, the trip reaffirmed the choice he made. Matthew, whose calling both as a Jesuit and a person is to place himself fully in the company of the marginalized, says “For those whose first time it is among the poor it can be a shock to the system, for me it was a refreshing home-coming of sorts.” One of his strong memories of leading students through the experience is watching their emotions and understanding of the matter unfold. “If you want to experience faith like nothing you have ever been taught at Sunday School in the lived reality of the poor, who know that they don’t have the luxury of relying on anything but God, then go humbly as a student [on a service trip] to learn, listen, laugh and accompany the Crucified Christ in his most hidden form.”