Matt Ippel with Wilfredo, from Honduras, who made Matt family.

International Samaritan is excited to announce that two young men that have done work with us have decided to join the Jesuits as Seminarians. Please join us in praying for their continued service to the world’s poorest communities.

Matt Ippel
International Samaritan played a large part in Matt’s call to the Jesuits. In 2008, he spent two weeks with his classmates from the University of Detroit Jesuit High School in El Ocotillo, located on the periphery of San Pedro Sula, Honduras. During those two weeks, he witnessed a level of poverty and vulnerability that he had not experienced before. Working with International Samaritan is “one of the few experiences that I have had that has challenged my way of thinking, my understanding of the world, especially the poor and vulnerable, as well as my way of living and being in this world,” said Matt. “I am a better person, more kind, generous, grateful, compassionate, and committed because my experiences with International Samaritan have transformed my mind and, most importantly, my heart.”

Dan Kennedy
“An experience with International Samaritan begins but never really ends,” said Dan. His discernment process to join the Jesuits drew on many types of life experiences including his work with International Samaritan, leading him deeper into the conclusion that he was being called to enter the Jesuits.  His trip with International Samaritan to Guatemala City is a frequently revisited memory. Although names of those he met have started to fade, their faces and they way they changed his life with be with him forever. “Just as important as actually entering the Jesuits, it was an experience that has helped me think of what type of Jesuit to be: one who lives a life with a concern for and close to the poor.”

Above left: Dan Kennedy, changed forever by his work in Guatemala City.