International Samaritan is grateful for donors whose generosity supports our ministry. There are many ways to partner with us, including through estate planning.

If you haven’t thought about estate planning before, we encourage you to do so. In short, it makes plans for your property after your die. If your wishes are not properly documented, the State will make decisions on your behalf. When discussing these plans with your attorney, consider making a provision to support International Samaritan. Below are several ways to do so:

– A fixed amount of money.
– Specific property: stocks, real estate, etc.
– A residual bequest: all or a percentage of your estate left to International Samaritan after paying other bequests and expenses.
– A life income bequest: paying income to a person of your choice for his or her lifetime after your death, with the principal later donated to International Samaritan upon the death of your beneficiaries.
– A contingent bequest: should other beneficiaries not survive you, International Samaritan would be the recipient.

If you are interested in including International Samaritan in your estate planning or through an immediate gift, please contact our office. We can put you in touch with knowledgeable gift planning experts to ensure your resources will do the most good for those most in need.