The new multi-million dollar recycling plant at La Chureca.

While in Managua, Nicaragua, International Samaritan President Father Don Vettese, S.J. witnessed first-hand what willing and generous souls can do to improve the working and living conditions of people who depend on garbage for their daily survival.

Together with associates of our Italian Partner, RETE, Father Vettese visited what just a few years ago was one of Central America’s biggest dumps, La Chureca. It is there that workers suffered some of the most miserable conditions imaginable. With the help of European governments and international organizations, a multimillion-dollar recycling plant has been built, transforming this once deadly landfill into a more secure place to work.

As part of his visit, Father Vettese also met with Archbishop of Managua, Monsignor Leopoldo Brenes, who urged Father Vettese to continue the good work International Samaritan has accomplished over almost two decades.

With our own eyes, we see it as possible to end dump dwelling. We can alleviate the suffering of the people we serve and improve their living and working conditions. It is a result of your continued support that these things can happen.