The global problem of garbage dump dwelling is about more than hunger and desperation; it is also about rape. When human traffickers prey on the desperation of poor people living in the landfills, children are bought and sold. In some countries a baby can be purchased for less than $100.
Desperately impoverished parents are tricked into selling their children. Wanting so badly to help their sons and daughters escape poverty, they are willing to believe the buyer has good intentions, and their children will have access to a promising job and a more hopeful future. Too often, however, the children end up as sex slaves.
The trafficker, who might look like a kindly relative, is quick to tell poor parents what they want to hear. Sometimes children are not sold but kidnapped as they walk toward a local town to sell goods found at the dump. It is reported that girls as young as four have been abducted and put to work in lowest rungs of the sex trade.

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Garbage dump’ poverty is broader than we realize. Help us alleviate this poverty.
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