Sierra Leone continues to struggle following the 1991-2002 civil war.
International Samaritan is looking for individuals and groups to volunteer on the following service trips and medical missions in 2012:

Haiti, February 12-18

Participants are needed to help build a new orphanage and classrooms for victims of the 2010 earthquake in Port-au-Prince.
Honduras, August 5-11
This is a medical mission. We need doctors, nurses, health professionals, and volunteers. We plan to serve
patients at International Samaritan’s Richard Flasck Medical Center located
next to the garbage dump and plan rural health outreach during the week-long

Sierra Leone, October 18-28   
Volunteers will be working with survivors of the Sierra Leone Civil War in this West African country. Since the war ended in 2002, Sierra Leone has enjoyed a period of peace and security. However, more than 1,000 primary schools were destroyed in the war, and 70% of the population continues to live in severe poverty.
To learn more, contact us at or 734-222-0701.