Volunteers say goodbye to the children of Ocotillo. In this photo is Ashlynne Basile.

“If what we want to accomplish is touching the hearts and minds of our service trip volunteers, I’d say we accomplished that one hundred percent,” said I.S. Trip Leader Matt Ippel, after the return of the latest group of International Samaritan volunteers from Honduras yesterday. 

The group of 11 finished and dedicated two new classrooms at the International Samaritan School in the garbage dump community of Ocotillo. Ippel led a group of male and female volunteers ranging from 17 years old to 58 years old. The children they served in the school and nursery left a great impression on all of the volunteers. 
“It was very difficult to say goodbye to them this time,” said Ippel, who has traveled to Honduras with I.S. both as a volunteer and a trip leader four times. 
A special thank you goes to volunteer Steve Kovach, who kept us updated on service trip activities through his blog. To read his blog, go to Steve’s Blog.

Volunteers (l-r)Tim Storch and Ben Rossi

Volunteer Paul Napolitano

Volunteer Steve Kovach and David