Kristi Braunlich served on an International Samaritan medical mission this summer. Last week, she was featured in a front page article in The Monroe Evening News.
Kristi Braunlich, 24, wanted to put her skills as a nurse to good use and help those in need before starting medical school this month, so she contacted International Samaritan to volunteer at our medical center in Ocotillo, a garbage dump community in Honduras. Kristi spent nine days assisting the center’s physician, Dr. Josue Lagos. The doctor was grateful to have her assistance; together they treated 80 and 100 people each day.
Last week, The Monroe Evening News featured Kristi in a front page article about her medical mission. In the article, she said, “I have always felt an obligation to help the underprivileged…I cannot do everything, but I can at least do something.”
If you are a medical professional who has felt called to utilize your skills serving the underprivileged, please contact International Samaritan at International Samaritan and tell us about yourself.
Click on the link to the The Monroe Evening News to view the article. Tomorrow, we will be posting a letter that Kristi wrote to us about her experience on an I.S. medical mission.