Students from International Samaritan’s K-Sixth Grade School in Ocotillo, Honduras benefit from the work of St. Charles Prep volunteers.

During my junior year at St. Charles Preparatory School, I was given the opportunity to go on this mission trip. I decided to take up the opportunity for two reasons. One reason was for the experience of leaving the country and the other reason was a way to apply my Catholic education at St. Charles into helping other people.

One of the biggest things that I learned [at St. Charles Prep] was about how people are supposed to be treated. By learning about human dignity and equality, I was able to have a better understanding of how other people should be treated. Caring for those in need of help was an important teaching because that put me in the mindset to go on this mission trip to Honduras in order to give aid to the garbage dump communities that reside in Honduras.

Not only did my Catholic education help me understand other people by promoting me to go out and help them, but it also allowed me to break that social status barrier that would be between both parties, the helpers and those in the need of help. When the social status barrier is broken, we are able to see eye to eye and also experience their hardship. With this newly gained viewpoint, we are fueled to go help those in rough conditions.

By Jordan Krumpelman, St. Charles Class of ’12

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