St. Charles Prep volunteers on first day of service trip to the garbage dump community of Ocotillo, Honduras.

Thanks to our many volunteers, a great deal of progress has been made on the expansion of International Samaritan’s school in the desperately poor garbage dump community of Ocotillo, Honduras. Volunteers from St. Charles Prep of Columbus, Ohio will continue the building project this week as part of their I.S. service learning trip.

Since the school addition’s groundbreaking ceremony in April, the walls are now complete. Volunteers from Gannon University, Kappa Alpha of Miami University and the University of Detroit Jesuit High School have all worked to help further this project. The additional classrooms for seventh to ninth grade students are located next to the International Samaritan K-Sixth Grade School. After the expansion is complete, more than 300 additional young people will be served each year.

According to the United Nations, the average adult in Honduras has a sixth grade education. A ninth grade education, along with job training, will give the children of Ocotillo the opportunity to find work outside of the garbage dump. For many, these children will be the first in their families to obtain a ninth grade education.

Additional classrooms will give the children of Ocotillo the opportunity to continue their education.

The entire school expansion will be built over a three-year period, so if you or your institution would like to come and help, please contact us at Look for more updates and photographs from the St. Charles Prep service trip at our Facebook Group.