International Samaritan volunteers from the Kappa Alpha Order of Miami University made national headlines during their service learning trip to Honduras. The San Pedro Sula Press featured the student volunteers in an article about their work in the poverty-stricken country.

Kappa Alpha helped build new classrooms for seventh grade students at International
Samaritan’s School, which is located in the garbage dump community of Ocotillo just outside the city of San Pedro Sula.

The Kappa Alpha service trip has grown from 10 volunteers in 2009 to 18 this year. “We had such a big group, we realized we could get a lot done,” said Rob Schaefer, the fraternity’s leader. The work Kappa Alpha completed put the construction of the school three weeks ahead of schedule.

Right now, many children are forced to work in the dump after leaving elementary school. Having a ninth grade education will give these children a huge boost in Honduras, where the average level of education is sixth grade.

“The biggest impact on me happened the first day,” said Schaefer. “There were 500 cinderblocks we had to move. Before we knew it, all these kids on recess were trying to help us; kids as young as six asking if we could lift a cinderblock onto their shoulders so they could help. Some were tiny. There must have been 30-40 kids trying to help us.”

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