To kick-off the New Year, we would like to invite you to participate in a very special Raise the Roof for David fundraising event. In 2011, we are hoping to build a home for seven-year-old David Rapalo and his family.
We met David on our fall medical mission to the garbage dump community of Ocotillo, Honduras. David’s bright eyes and shy smile left a huge impression on everyone who met him.
In the photograph, David is standing in the family’s kitchen. He was burned when the top of the drum stove (pictured) fell on his arm. His right arm is crippled from a birth defect. While his burns have healed, his living conditions are as dire as ever. David lives in severe poverty in a primitive shack with no running water, dirt floors and little overhead covering.
Our goal is to raise $3,000 throughout the month of January. With your gifts, we can provide David with a home that will drastically improve his living conditions, giving him and his family stability and hope.
Go to, or visit Razoo and search Raise the Roof for David, to pledge a gift. We will update donors and post photographs of the house-raising throughout the year. If 150 people donate just $20, we can give David and his family a huge reason to celebrate the New Year.
Tell your friends. Get your church or workplace involved. Let’s raise the roof in 2011!